POLKA Polarization Camera

POLKA – Polarization Measurement Applications

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Polarization: Opening Up Completely New Testing and Analysis Methods

Capturing the polarization of light in just one shot

The prototype polarization camera POLKA captures and measures the polarization state of light in real-time. This property of light characteristics is imperceptible to the human eye.  

Your benefits at a glance

  • Lower production costs and reject rates
  • Non-stop quality control
  • Easy integration into existing systems using a software API
  • Robust and compact camera system
  • Compatible with standard industrial image processing equipment

Ideal partner for many technical applications

  • Analysis of the orientation and position of carbon fiber bundles for the quality assurance in the production of CFRP components
  • 100% inline residual stress inspection in glass manufacturing
  • Tissue analysis for medical purposes
  • Inspection of metal coatings

Technical data of our prototype

  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Frame rate: up to 25fps
  • Single shot images of the polarization information make it possible to record moving objects
  • C-mount lens adapter for the usage of standard lenses




POLKA – Polarization Camera. Uncover the Invisible.



Carbon Fiber Composites Inspections with POLKA



POLKA – 100% Inline Stress Inspections of Container Glass


POLKA Application Areas

POLKA – inside out