VEMPIRE – Versatile Embedded Platform for Image Recognition
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VEMPIRE® – Versatile Embedded Platform for Image Recognition #

The multi-sensor camera system with its flexible interface design is a real-time platform solution with very high computational power.

An application example is a 3D-image recognition system with a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor and an optical image sensor. In this configuration, VEMPIRE® not only allows the measurement of distance information and accelerometer in all three spatial directions but the depth information can also be used for increasing reliability and robustness efficiently. In the area of video-surveillance, for example, this generates a robust segmentation of the analyzed scene in background model and monitored objects.

In contrast to other commercially available platforms VEMPIRE® runs directly on mobile systems, without the necessity of any external computational system. Because of its system concept the platform is designed as a basis for customized developments.


VEMPIRE® – Versatile Embedded Platform for Image Recognition

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