Modular FTI System

Flight Testing: Rugged Camera System for More Safety and New Standards in Aviation

Easy integration into air vehicles and suitable for operations in adverse weather

Together with SEKAI Europe, Fraunhofer IIS is currently planning to develop a prototype of a modular camera system that comprises two main components:

  • A compact, exchangeable camera head with an image sensor and optics for meeting various detailed requirements.
  • A base station for controlling the camera head, processing the raw data from the image sensor and outputting the compressed video data over an Ethernet interface.

Rounding out the system are well-established interfaces designed for integration into existing systems and simple and cost-effective signal transmission between the camera head and the base station.

Potential application scenarios:

  • Flight testing
  • Aviation (aircraft and helicopter cockpits)
  • Machine and equipment testing in industrial environments

Feel free to contact us in order to get more information about the FTI system!