HIGGS – Small Things. BIG

Mobile video content production – simple, fast and cost-effective

Live on-location reports and images direct from the event, all without protracted delays, coordinating various teams and setting up multiple infrastructures. HIGGS, the portable media production platform from Fraunhofer IIS, makes it possible. With up to five intelligent cameras and a tablet-based control unit, you can stream live video material over different channels.

With HIGGS, you can now stream events that to date have been impossible to produce, whether it involves smaller productions or events that are not profitable because the audience is too small, such as a regional soccer derby. For large-scale productions however, HIGGS provides a flexible platform that allows you to bring targeted content direct to the audience, reduce the effort to a minimum and respond quickly to sudden events.

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HIGGS – Small Things. BIG

Press Release

The World's Fastest Portable Multi-Camera System at the IBC



Pocket-sized production truck

  • Real-time editing for interaction with up to five live cameras
  • Everything at your fingertips: user-friendly master app for production control, delay-free switching between streams and on-site editing
  • Wireless, flexible hardware installation
  • Camera system with integrated data compression that requires no external processor