Whole Slide Imaging for Microscopes

Clinical Diagnostics and Material Sciences Improved by Digital Microscopy

Due to a high grade of specialization in clinical pathology or concerning difficult patient cases several physicians often exchange views, e.g. within tumor boards. Contents of this communication can be microscopic images of tissue sections (histology) as well as results of other diagnostic tests and clinical data of the patient. In addition to that, other applications such as the analysis of the micro structure of materials require large high resolution image data sets. So far, comparably expensive slide scanners for so-called “Whole Slide Imaging“ (WSI) are necessary for the digitization of specimen. However, it is not always necessary to scan the whole glass slide. Often it is sufficient to observe, document and annotate conspicuous areas. This possibility is provided by the software “iStix®“.

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Video »iStix® – Manual Panoramic Microscopy«

Our Cost-effective Microscope Scanning Solution: iStix®

iStix® Setup
© Fraunhofer IIS

Low-cost alternative to whole slide scanner: manual microscope connected with a camera and the software “iStix®”

The Fraunhofer Institute IIS has developed an affordable, simple to use and reliable alternative to desktop slide scanners. Our digital scanning solution is a fast combination of microscope, camera and image processing software.

Virtual Slide with Loop Closure Generated with Manual Microscope and “iStix®“ Software
© Fraunhofer IIS

Virtual slide including loop closure generated with manual microscope and the software “iStix®“ by Fraunhofer IIS

Within the automated imaging process our “iStix®” technology “stitches” together individual microscopy images in real-time and without a motorized stage. The result is a panoramic image or a WSI dataset.

The software “iStix®“ offers the possibility to annotate virtual slides.
© Fraunhofer IIS

The software “iStix®“ offers the possibility to annotate virtual slides.

During the stitching process (“mosaic imaging“) the images are stitched together in x- and y-direction. A zoom as well as a memory function for the original images and the panoramic image allow convenient navigation and data analysis.

Benefits for Digital Pathology and Beyond

Fields of application for the “iStix®” software can be found in telepathology, the documentation of pathology findings, material testing as well as in education for life or material sciences.

Benefits depending on the field of application:

  • Application as affordable, low-cost alternative to whole slide scanners
  • Easy documentation of results in high resolution overview images
  • Accelerated diagnostics in histopathology as well as in micro structure analysis
  • Optional integration in your own software applications or learning platforms for pathology
  • Simplified evidence of microstructural abnormalities in material testing
  • Further fields of application: Hematology, Cytology and Cytopathology

Our Consulting and Service Offer

We would like to consult you concerning the applications and options for use of the software “iStix®” in your applications or in combination with your systems. It is also possible to use and license “iStix®” as a software library. The Fraunhofer Institute IIS would be glad to support you in the adaption and integration into existing software or educational system solutions.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


“iStix®” is not yet approved as medical product.

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