iSTIX® – Gain Insight

Manual Whole Slide Imaging – Scanning Made Simple and Affordable

Seamless Integration

1.  Mount Camera on Microscope and connect to computer

2.  Install and start iSTIX®

3.  Click Record and operate the microscope as you normally do. Meanwhile iSTIX® processes the video feed in real-time and adds new frames to a panorama

4.  Click Stop and save the Whole Slide Image (WSI) in a pyramid-format or simply as large JPEG.


Easy-to-use user interface
Supports objectives up to 100x, incl. oil immersion
Optional two-monitor-setup: panorama left, live image right
Anywhere Resync – after sync-loss, current field-of-view is matched against entire panorama
Record and export with image compression to save disk space
Record and export with lossless image compression for pristine quality
Save in popular "flat" formats: JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Save in professional WSI format: Aperio SVS, VMscope VSF (further coming up)
Camera settings (exposure, white balance) managed per objective
Convenient storage of all scans in a central work space
Native support for cameras by IDS. Most other cameras are supported via the generic DirectShow interface


  • Scientific Research
    • Digital Pathology
    • Hematology
    • Cytology
    • Oncology
    • Precision Medicine
    • Companion Diagnostics
    • Computational Microscopy
    • Quantitative Pathology
  • Education
  • Microbiology and Life Sciences
  • Material Science and Industrial Microscopy

iSTIX® Stitching Technology

We look forward to discussing possibilities of integrating our patented technology into your product with you.

Options for collaboration:

  • Tailor our software to your demands
  • Integrating the iSTIX® Stitching Technology into your product
  • Licensing and distribution of the software using the iSTIX® brand or using your own brand
  • Interoperability between your product (e.g. PACS, LIS, Analysis) and iSTIX®

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

System Requirements

Windows 7 or Windows 10
CPU with min. 4 cores
Min. 16 GB RAM
USB 3 Interface (or similar) for the Microscope Camera

Coming soon

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iSTIX® on Tour

Experience Manual Whole Slide Imaging live at Medica 2018!

Press release

Use your microscope as a scanner

Berlin-based VMscope GmbH licenses and distributes iSTIX® developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.




iSTIX® – Gain Insight.

Manual Whole Slide Imaging – Scanning Made Simple and Affordable


The iSTIX®-Software is not certified for diagnostics or therapy of diseases. It is not a certified medical product.

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