Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning

Image Analysis for Precision Medicine


On the one hand, our focus is on the development and research of image analysis methods in order to support the physician when performing medical diagnostics, computer-supported early detection of tumors as well as follow-up control of therapy.

On the other hand, we specifically develop methods and systems for analysis and interpretation of microscopically acquired image data from pathology, general laboratory medicine and hematology as well as microbiology and life sciences.

Microscopic and endoscopic images of cells (blood, body fluids), tissue samples (digital pathology) or mucous membranes (larynx, esophagus, intestines, stomach etc.) are examined through knowledge-based image processing and pattern recognition for suspicious attributes. Our systems support physicians and laboratory technicians in their diagnosis.

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Fraunhofer IIS enhances diagnostic endoscopy applications by developing systems and processes for recording and improving images, characterizing and classifying tissues and detecting suspicious lesions such as colon polyps.


Digital Pathology

In the area of “Computer Assisted Microscopy“we research and develop components, systems and services for applications such as “Slide Scanning“ and image analysis, tissue and cell characterization, digital pathology, in-vitro diagnosis, bright-field and fluorescence microscopy, training and education.



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