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Components for Digital Endoscopy

The Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS conducts applied research and development activities on behalf of industry and the public sector. Through contract research we develop software, microelectronic circuits, equipment and systems and complete industrial systems used in microelectronic and information and communication technology applications.

Endoscopy has been used for the diagnosis and treatment of internal illnesses and injuries for more than 100 years. Endoscopy examinations of the esophagus, stomach, intestines, bladder, lungs or cervix remain a purely visual process that frequently requires biopsies to round out the diagnosis. Because interpretation of the resulting images is based largely on the physician´s experience, it´s very subjective. Fraunhofer IIS enhances diagnostic endoscopy applications by developing systems and processes for recording and improving images, characterizing and classifying tissues and detecting suspicious lesions such as colon polyps.

Keyhole access during minimally invasive surgery (“MIS“), as well as natural orifice transendoscopic surgery (“NOTES“), reduces trauma but also restricts the surgeon´s perception, orientation and movement. When it comes to further advances in the instruments used in these procedures, microelectronic and information technologies still have much to offer. With this in mind, Fraunhofer IIS is pursuing developments aimed at improving orientation and navigation with the body. This includes sensor-supported systems for positioning images with distal chip endoscopes, real-time image panoramas for extended field of vision and documentation, as well as image processing and artifact suppression for any type of endoscope system.

Within the area “Endoscopy“ which is part of the business field “Medical Image Analysis and Machine Learning“, Fraunhofer IIS researches and develops components across the entire range of digital endoscopy technology, such as:

  • Special Sensors
  • Endoscopic camera systems and platforms for navigation, localization and orientation
  • Wireless and wired transmission
  • Image enhancement and augmentation
  • Computer-assisted diagnosis
  • Image-assisted diagnosis
  • User interfaces
  • Training and education systems


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