Training Support for Daily Movement Activation for Thalidomide Impaired and People with Physical Diseases

The project “akrobatik@home“ is aimed at people with severely limited physical mobility. This project has singled out people who were harmed by the drug thalidomide in order to integrate them into the ideation and technological development process as a potential user group. The goal is to adapt current assistive system technologies and reimagine them in previously unconsidered contexts in order to facilitate everyday life for people with severe mobility limitations, make their participation in social activities possible and offer health services in the domestic environment.

Innovative participatory methods were utilized and evaluated throughout the entire development process to ensure optimal coverage of the requirements. Through collaboration with a group of people harmed by thalidomide, previously unimagined approaches were able to be developed into innovative products and services for the assistive technology market. The project started in May 2012 and will run for a total of three years.

Amongst others, a technical solution was developed, which offers people with a severely reduced physical mobility the possibility, to solve a workout alone or in a virtual community with or without assistance by a therapist at home. This solution consists of a wireless movement detection by inertial sensors integrated into a shoulder pad and a seat cushion with integrated pressure sensors, which was developed by our partner GeBioM. A specifically designed training game by our partner Exozet offers the users a game-based approach to perform exercises in a familiar domestic surrounding.

“Akrobatik@home“ is based on knowledge of the multimedia and entertainment platforms of “MyRehab“, “TiviTrain“ and “SilverGame“.

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