Preventive Healthcare System for the Continuous Measurement and Analysis of Vital Parameters for Patients with Heart Problems

Funding Project KonMeVit

Project Goals

“KonMeVit“ is a preventive healthcare system for the continuous measurement and analysis of vital parameters for patients with heart problems. The overall goal of “KonMeVit“ is to develop, test and introduce to the market a 24/7 system for monitoring the following vital parameters:

  • ECG
  • SpO2 oxygen saturation
  • Pulse

The system also calculates other measurements such as blood pressure and “electro cardio portrait“ (ECP). Other vitals like respiration, weight and movement can be easily integrated into the system by using the standard interfaces.

How It Works

The patient wears two sensors on the body around-the-clock for at least seven days to record the ECG, Sp02 and pulse. These long-term monitoring systems, which can record measurement data for days or weeks, are recommended for high-risk heart disease patients and people who suffer from infrequent arrhythmia.

With an eye toward reducing costs, the healthcare industry is highly interested in solutions that can shift essential examinations from in-patient to lower-cost out-patient environments. This explains the growing interest in in-home monitoring systems.

An additional benefit of this system is the capability to quickly transmit information to a physician or call center, with as little patient intervention as possible, so that emergency medical services can be notified without delay.


The technology was made possible by developing completely new electronics that permit uninterrupted, around-the-clock operation for seven days. This requires a significant reduction in power consumption and expansion of the system memory, as well integration of the electronic components into low-power ASICs.

The sensor modules are linked by means of a wireless body area network.

More Information

Brochure “Medical Communication and Biosignal Processing“

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