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We develop miniaturized, intelligent sensors for recording vital parameters and motion information. These technologies can be used for clinical and ambulatory monitoring, assistance systems in rehabilitation, as well as performance diagnostics in professional sports, wellness and biofeedback, as well as training support in sports and leisure (self-assessment and quantified self).

One focus of our work are mobile systems, which are networked physically and wirelessly. Depending on the application, various parameters (ECG, respiration, pulse wave, SpO2, movement) can be included in our systems. The algorithmic evaluation is carried out directly at the sensor. Methods of signal and information processing ensure intelligent, personalized, dynamic system behavior such as, for example, autonomous recognition of individual sensitivities, illnesses and emergency situations.

The communication of the sensors among each other and the transmission of the measured values ​​to work stations are carried out according to internationally recognized standards. In various applications and projects, we have developed patient-supported sensors and systems for everyday use.

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Spokesman: Christian Hofmann, Group Manager Medical Sensor Systems

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