Services in the Field of Magnetic Field Sensors

3D Magnetic Field Sensors

We offer our customers solutions tailored to their applications.

Developing integrated 3D magnetic field sensors

Our core competence is in integrating our 3D Hall sensors and designing integrated analog and digital circuits.
Depending on the application, we develop the following types of circuits:

  • ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit)
  • ASSP (application-specific standard product)
  • IP (intellectual property)
  • Discrete circuit

Developing, modeling and simulating magnetic systems

We develop complete sensor systems including customer-specific interfaces. In doing so, we use the appropriate simulation and calculation tools and develop suitable models and evaluation algorithms. We then integrate these algorithms either into the circuits we develop or into customer systems.

In addition, we provide support for our customers’ own systems and processes through the following services:      

  • Simulation
  • System design
  • Analysis, optimization
  • Feasibility and performance studies
  • Development and integration of signal processing algorithms
    - Measurement of AC and DC current
    - One- and multi-dimensional positioning


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Analytical magnet model for a joystick

Measuring magnets, magnetic field sensors and integrated circuits

Using our specialized lab equipment, we classify our own systems as well as those used by our customers. In the lab, we also measure the properties and performance of permanent magnets and electromagnets, magnetic field sensors and integrated circuits.

Technical equipment in our lab:

  • Climate chambers and ThermoStream® for environmental simulations (temperature and humidity)
  • 3D Helmholtz coils and power sources
  • Hexapod for 6D positioning using additional rotational axis
  • Microscopy, liquid crystal analysis
  • IC packaging with manual and semi-automatic wire bonders
  • Electric measurement devices, constant current and voltage sources, signal generators, oscilloscope up to 2 GHz, network and spectrum analyzers
  • Keyence 3D printer for prototypes and lab material
  • Workshop for manual and CNC-guided material processing
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Hexapod for 6D positioning

Developing and prototyping magnetic field measurement devices

Thanks to their compact size and scalable placement, our magnetic field sensors are particularly suitable for devices designed to measure the magnetic vector field. Our 3D Helmholtz coils make it possible to classify, test and calibrate magnetic field sensors.

We use the following equipment:

  • HallinSight® measurement device platform
  • 3D Magnetic field camera
  • Customer-specific measurement devices
  • Helmholtz coils


Establishing and managing supply chains, start of production

Once we have developed an ASIC, we also arrange for the supply of parts. This includes establishing and managing supply chains and overseeing the start of production.

  • A supply chain comprises:
    - Manufacture of semiconductors
    - Packaging
    - Production testing
    - Dispatch
  • Specifications and monitoring for individual steps:
    - Verification
    - Production testing and calibration
    - Qualification
  • Quality management and documentation
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3D Helmholtz coils for testing the properties of magnetic field sensors




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