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Positioning measurements with HallinOne®

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Reliable, robust, precise and cost-effective. The demands on positioning systems are becoming ever more complex. In modern vehicles for example, the input elements for the navigation, climate control and ventilator systems must able to detect the rotation angle, draft or pressure directions at the same time. In a mechanical construction, the corresponding solutions are complex and costly.

The HallinOne® technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS makes it possible to detect a magnetic field using an integrated Hall sensor with nearly 100 percent precision. Combining these magnetic field sensors with an intelligent evaluation algorithm opens up new opportunities for multi-axis position measurements. That means a mechanical six degrees-of-freedom measurement system could be operated with a single sensor chip, such as what would be required in the previously mentioned example.

6D position measurements

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Thanks to the unique properties of the HallinOne®  technology, the location and position of a sensor magnet can be detected. It's also possible to determine up to six mechanical target variables with a single integrated circuit. This opens up new opportunities and applications, such as the operation of complex controls or compact power/torque sensors for multiple degrees of freedom. In addition, measurement tasks that up until now require numerous discrete Hall sensors can be replaced with a single IC without design restrictions. 6D position measurements also make it possible to define even more mechanical degrees-of-freedom or to design conventional measurement applications that are insensitive to mechanical tolerances. 6D furthermore yields additional advantages such as contactless position measurements and increased positioning accuracy.

Conventional position measurements

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Magnetic field positioning systems rely on a sensing magnet and a magnetic field sensor. The HallinOne® technology enables angle- and gradient-based analyses and thus robust position measurements. Examples include the detection of RPM, linear position and the position of operating elements in passenger vehicles, automation systems or agriculture machines. The measurements are unaffected by temperature fluctuations, dirt or interference fields. This approach is no more costly than conventional methods since the sensors are integrated in an evaluation chip.

By using the algorithm developed by Fraunhofer IIS together with the HallinOne® technology, classic and 6D position measurement systems can be designed that are more robust than conventional systems. Integrated self-monitoring makes this approach suitable for safety-critical applications as well.




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