HallinMotion: Multidimensional Position Measurement

HallinMotion: Multidimensional Position Measurement

With the algorithms developed by Fraunhofer IIS for multidimensional position measurement »HallinMotion«, it is now possible for the first time to determine all six mechanical degrees of freedom with just one sensor chip. A measurement system comprising a permanent or electromagnet and a sensor chip enables very high measurement rates with very high accuracy. It is unaffected by temperature variations and external fields.

The new algorithm can also be used there where in the past unwanted transverse movements in 1D or 2D systems have prevented high accuracy. In this way, existing applications can be made more robust and simpler.

Advanteges of HallinMotion

  • Contactless, absolute position measurement (even passing through unmagnetic materials)
  • Accuracy right down to the micrometer range
  • High position accuracy by determining rotary and transverse movements 
  • Unaffected by external fields and temperatures
  • Self-monitoring by integrated coils on the sensor chip

Customer benefits

  • Robustness and long service life due to contactless measurement method
  • Useable in a variety of ways regardless of platform
  • Use in safety-relevant applications and rough environments with dust, dirt and vibration


  • Control elements in vehicles, household devices, construction and agricultural machines
  • Chassis monitoring
  • Robotics
  • Replaces multi-sensor applications with single sensor-IC