HallinSight®: Three-Dimensional Magnetic Measurement Technology

HallinSight®: Three-Dimensional Magnetic Measurement Technology

With our HallinOne® sensors, we build up magnetic measuring systems for the three-dimensional measurement of magnetic vector fields. Based on the HallinSight® platform, we can develop customer-specific measuring instruments or configure existing measuring equipment for optimum results. As a result of our cooperation with the national metrology institute, PTB Braunschweig, and our state-of-the-art laboratories, we offer a high degree of measurement accuracy and a broad range of services.

Advanteges of HallinOne® technology

  • Three-dimensional measurement of the magnetic vector field 
  • High magnetic and geometric precision
  • High linearity
  • No magnetic materials used
  • Flexible positioning of measurement points by means of platform chip
  • Wide measurement range: 100 µT to 1 T
  • Large temperature range
  • High sampling rate due to parallel measurements: 200 Hz to 1 kHz

Customer benefits

  • Customized measuring systems possible
  • Time savings for serial testing due to high measuring rate
  • For applications both inside and outside the laboratory      
  • Scalable: production of single pieces or larger quantities


  • Laboratory measurements
  • Quality control
  • Serial testing