High Precision Charge and Current Measurement

The use of charge amplifiers enables higly accurate charge and current measurement over a very broad measuring range. As an alternative to classic measurements made with shunt resistors, charge amplifiers offer key advantages in various applications.

Technological advantages

  • Very high degree of measurement accuracy (resolution of a few attocoulombs)
  • Very large dynamic range (up to over 130 dB)
  • Broad operating temperature range (-40°C to 175°C)
  • Completely integrated sensor solutions
  • ESD protection circuits with leakage currents of a few femtoamperes
  • Integrated analogue-to-digital conversion and signal processing

Customer benfits

  • High level of design reliability and established design process
  • Optimized solution for
    - a high degree of measurement accuracy
    - low energy consumption
  • Robust measuring system for
    - broad temperature and operating voltage ranges
    - adapted ESD protection circuit
    - adaptive signal processing and error monitoring
  • Low effects of ageing due to integrated structural elements and dynamic trimming options
  • Very compact measuring system due to high degree of integration
  • Cost reduction through low number of external components
  • Support throughout the entire supply chain


  • High precision current and resistance measurement
  • Measurement of charge shift in electrical fields
  • Evaluation of
    - piezoelectric sensors (pressure, force)
    - radiation detectors (e.g. silicon and CdZnTe)
    - photodiodes