HallinOne®: Integrated Magnetic Field Sensor

HallinOne®: Integrated 3D Magnetic Field Sensor

The integrated 3D Hall sensor technology HallinOne® allows for 3-axis magnetic field measurement using a single sensor chip. While conventional Hall sensors can only measure magnetic fields that are perpendicular to the chip surface, the HallinOne® sensor also responds to magnetic fields that are parallel to the chip surface. The integration of sensors and analog and digital signal processing ensures low-noise operation and the use of complex algorithms for non-contact position measurement in a single chip, for example.

Advanteges of HallinOne® technology

  • Three-dimensional punctiform magnetic field measurement
  • Suppression of external magnetic fields according to automotive standards
  • Low-cost production of large quantities in standard CMOS technology
  • Sensors, analog and digital signal processing, memory capability, etc. integrated in the microchip
  • Self-testing capability and auto-calibration
  • Several pixel cells possible on a single IC
  • Patented sensors and evaluation processes

Customer benefits

  • High-immunity systems, independent of temperature and external stray fields
  • Low-cost series test and a minimum of drift with age
  • Also suitable for safety-critical applications thanks to integrated self-monitoring
  • As application-specific integrated circuit solution, reverse engineering prevention, miniaturization


  • Rotation angle and linear position measurement technology
  • Measurement technology
  • Current sensors


Our technology has already proven successful in consumer goods as well as in industrial and automotive applications. Leading manufacturers of integrated sensor technology such as ams and Micronas are already putting their trust in HallinOne® technology. The sensor module for washing machines developed in co-operation with Robert Seuffer GmbH was awarded the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg Innovation Award and can now be found in millions of households. Joystick controls used in agricultural and construction machinery that is subject to stringent safety requirements is a further area where the benefits of this technology can be clearly seen.