Sensor Systems with Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Low power consumption of sensor systems is especially important for mobile applications. Minimized current consumption allows using batteries or accumulators with lower capacitance, thus enabling strong reductions in size and system costs. In addition, a power-optimized circuit design enables the use of RFID or energy harvesting.

Technological advantages

  • Design of circuits with low power consumption
  • Design of energy-efficient oscillators and reference voltage sources
  • Efficient charging circuits and integrated charge pumps
  • Inductive power and data transmission
  • Customer-specific development for particularly low leakage currents

Customer benefits

  • High level of design reliability and established design process
  • Optimized solution for applications with particularly low power consumption
  • Robust measuring system for
    - broad operating voltage ranges adapted to suit the power source
    - adaptive signal processing and error monitoring
  • Low effects of ageing due to integrated structural elements and dynamic trimming options
  • Very compact measuring system due to high degree of integration
  • Cost reduction due to low number of external components
  • Support throughout the entire supply chain


  • Medical implants
  • Passive and active RFID sensor nodes
  • Long-term active sensor nodes