Highly Accurate Resistance, Capacitance, and Impedance Measurement

The measurement of changes in capacitance and resistance enables a large number of sensors to be evaluated. The integration of sensor readout circuits in CMOS technology increases the measurement accuracy, reduces the power consumption, and, at the same time, creates robust solutions. Our many years of experience in the development of ICs for capacitance measurement allow us to select the best measuring principle for your application.

Technological advantages

  • Integration of a large number of measuring channels
  •  Integrated resistance and multi-frequency measurement to determine the complex permittivity
  • High-precision resistance measurement
  • Many years’ experience with different measuring principles (e.g. sigma-delta capacitance measurement, ramp measuring method, synchronous demodulation method)

Customer benefits

  • High level of design reliability and established design process
  • Optimized solution for
    - a high degree of measurement accuracy
    - low power consumption
  • Robust measuring system for
    - broad temperature and operating voltage ranges
    - adapted ESD protection circuit
    - adaptive signal processing and error monitoring
  • Low effects of ageing due to integrated structural elements and dynamic trimming options
  • Cost reduction due to low number of external components
  • Support throughout the entire supply chain


  • Evaluation of MEMS
  • Evaluation of capacitive sensors
    - Pressure measurement
    - Position measurement
    - Filling level measurement
    - Moisture measurement
    - Man-machine interfaces
  • Gas sensors (e.g. hot plate)
  • Chemical sensors