Multimodal Data Sets for Driver Monitoring

Comprehensive multimodal data set for mental overload  (CMMO)

Fraunhofer IIS together with University Erlangen-Nuremberg is creating unique gold-standard data set enabling creation of ML models (»CMMO«).

Combining competencies from psychology, biophysics and computer science, we create an extensive database of psychophysiological data on the state of mental overload.

  • Comprehensive subject-based study with different stimuli and modalities to assess psychophysiological conditions
  • Representative data with a broad range of test persons
  • Scientifically proven data quality with validated ground truth
  • Synchronized data base of various modalities

The Challenges

A comprehensive database of high quality scientific and multimodal data is essential for the interpretation of human behavior with AI.
However, existing data sets for measuring cognitive load and other affective states have severe drawbacks:

  • Imbalanced populations
  • Inadequate stimuli and study setup
  • Invalid ground truth
  • Low quality measurements
  • Missing/inaccurate synch between modalities
    and/or stimuli

Modalities and Stimuli for Psycho-physiological Datasets

Various stimuli to trigger mental overload EEG: setting ground truth for mental overload
Muscle activity with EMG Electrodermal response (EDR)
Breathing Photoplethysmography
Skin temperature Electrogastrogram
HR, HRV using ECG Camera based HR analysis (RGB, IR)
Camera based analysis of facial expressions Eyetracking

CMMO will be available this year and enable building Machine Learning models predicting mental (over)load based on selected modalities.

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