Subject-based studies for Automotive Health

AI-based Studies for In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems

AI-based Driver Monitoring for Automotive Health – The Challenges
Driving a car is becoming more and more complex. Continuously increasing volume of road traffic and traffic participants, many new features (e.g. for communication or entertainment) can boost driver’s workload. To improve road safety, in-vehicle monitoring systems must detect, analyze and respond to a driver’s state reliably, comprehensively and in real-time.

To ensure this, we focus on building real-world data sets by conducting comprehensive subject-based studies for in-vehicle monitoring systems. The recorded data set provides features, such as driver attention and drowsiness detection by measuring a variety of psychophysiological signals, even under difficult conditions.


AI-based Studies monitoring Psycho-physiological Reactions
In order to get a deep understanding of client’s needs, we implement an extensive workflow consisting of a planning phase and testing phase:

  • Conducting a requirements workshop with the client in order to gather specifications regarding essential modalities or stimuli
    • HR, HRV using ECG
    • Breathing
    • Driver’s mental state using camera settings
    • Muscle activity using EMG
  • Prioritization of the collected requirements
  • Preparation and synchronization of measurement protocols and questionnaires
  • Data acquisition during study with individuals exposed to various stimuli
  • Data processing and analysis of the collected data

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