VOLEX is a software package for 3-D computed tomography for measurement data collection and reconstruction. It can be used universally and can be customized for various application areas.

VOLEX - Volume Explorer Software

With VOLEX, we provide you with a software package that not only supports the entire process chain of industrial CT intelligently, but can also control any commercially available hardware components for industrial X-ray systems. This makes VOLEX one of a kind.

Advantages at a glance

Customized and expandable

VOLEX can be adapted for your requirements and processes. Your trusted procedures and algorithms are easily integrated and you remain open for future expansions.

High performance with flexibility

With the CT CONVERSION KIT and the RETROFIT KIT, VOLEX can expand your existing X-ray system into a 3-D computed tomography system.

Durable and sustainable

VOLEX continues to guarantee reliable support and continuous further development based on many years of cutting-edge research.

Efficient and easy

VOLEX represents a powerful, yet easy-to-operate solution for your classic application areas such as measurement technology, nondestructive testing, and material characterization.

VOLEX application areas

  • Controlling CT systems
  • Reconstructing measurement data
  • Nondestructive testing, for example to test for cavities, cracks, completeness, and density, or to monitor production processes
  • Material characterization, for example for damage analysis, causes of material fatigue, examination before, during, and after a loading test
  • Metrology, for example for determining geometry with CT and the technical measurement evaluation of dimensions, form, and position, as well as target–actual comparison (CAD data) and reverse engineering

Requirements and availability

  • Certain X-ray components available at short notice (upon request)
  • Minimum technical requirements: MS Windows 7, 2 GB RAM
  • Minimum technical requirements for reconstruction PCs: MS Windows 7, 64 GB RAM; to reduce computing time we recommend equipping every reconstruction PC with a CUDA-compatible graphics card (specification upon request)