Röntgen’s hunting rifle

Jagdgewehr von Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
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X-rays yesterday and today: on the left is an X-ray image of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s hunting rifle taken in 1896. On the right is a recent image taken at the Fraunhofer IIS Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT.

First X-ray


Original owner

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen


Privately owned by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen.
In addition to his wife Bertha’s hand, Röntgen’s hunting rifle was one of the first subjects to be recorded for posterity as an X-ray image in 1896 with the aid of photographic plates.

In 2015, a full 120 years later, researchers at Fraunhofer EZRT repeated the X-ray examinations, this time with cutting-edge technology: industrial 3D computed tomography.

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