Relic jar with sealed wax lid


Helical computed tomography



Technical challenge

Map the different materials and layers within the object.


Examine the bones and paper remnants the jar purportedly contains, without damaging the closed wax sealing.


The glass reliquary is covered with a lid of yellow wax. Affixed to the top is a seal made of red wax.

© Fraunhofer IIS
© Fraunhofer IIS
A three-dimensional scan digitizes the reliquary for the owner’s object catalog.
© Fraunhofer IIS
The high-resolution X-ray scan makes it possible to clearly see enclosed objects that have a different density.
© Fraunhofer IIS
Because it is possible to exert precise control over the X-ray beam, even the features of the seal atop the jar, which differ only slightly from their surroundings, can be seen clearly.