Indirect X-ray cameras

Indirect high-resolution X-ray camera

The NCTS project group has developed a series of indirect X-ray cameras for use in X-ray microscopy, for imaging with phase contrast, and on the synchotron. The pixel size ranges from 0.55 µm (local resolution BSR 0.7 µm) to 13 µm with either an sCMOS or a CCD camera.

Indirect high-speed X-ray camera

For quick X-ray imaging with up to 100 Hz (full-frame HD) or up to 400 Hz (binning 512 × 512), the NCTS project group has developed an indirect camera with a replaceable luminescence screen (Gadox is standard; CsI or similar by request) and an sCMOS camera. The pixel size is approx. 33 µm and the field of vision 9 cm × 9 cm.