IT Specialist – Systems Integration

At Fraunhofer IIS, IT specialists in systems integration are tasked with the administration of the IIS computer environment. At our institute, this includes the following activities:

  • Configuration and administration of workplace computers (primarily Windows PCs with standard applications and specialized software, but also Mac and UNIX systems) and of the network infrastructure
  • Administration of file and application servers
  • IT support in scientific projects
  • Software management

These activities require a high level of willingness to learn and a strong capacity for teamwork, as well as a structured and analytical approach. As solutions aren’t always found in conventional ways, you should also be able to think creatively. To qualify for this training program, candidates require a good intermediate secondary school-leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss).

If places are available on this training program, you will find details in our Job advertisements for new recruits and experienced professionals..

The websites below provide further information on the vocational profile of an “IT Specialist – Systems Integration”:

Personal reports from past trainees:

Dennis Hartung

Past Trainee IT Specialist for System Integration

1. How did you find out about the training?
Recommendation from relatives

2. What did you particularly like about your training?

The freedom or the opportunity my trainer gave me when it came to topics or subject areas that I was very interested in. I was able to familiarize myself with the area and did not have to follow a strict plan, the training supported / promoted my interests.

3. How did the training go?
At the beginning of my apprenticeship my instructor gave a little digression into the history of computer science. After we got a solid basic knowledge, we were able to get to know the different groups and work areas of IT at IIS in the 1st and 2nd year of apprenticeship. In this phase, the times were divided dynamically, that is, if I was very interested in a department, I stayed there a week or two longer. In the third year of training, together with our department head and trainer, a way was sought after the training, there it was decided together with me which group I would like after my training. The final project was then planned and implemented in this group with the support of my trainer.

4. How did working with your trainer work?

At all times during and after the training, I had the feeling that our trainer always provided advice for difficult situations. He supported me during my apprenticeship, but also challenged me when my interests drifted too far.

5. Would you choose to study at Fraunhofer IIS again?
Yes, the freedoms, the further training opportunities and the relaxed working atmosphere would lure me even more today than they did back then.

6. What happened after your training?
After my apprenticeship I went straight to the IT group server. Today I am responsible for Linux systems, servers and especially for the monitoring of these. I continue to oversee and manage my final project.