Industrial Mechanic

During their training at Fraunhofer IIS, industrial mechanics are typically assigned to the institute’s workshop.

The training content includes:

  • Handling machines, materials, and supplies
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Manufacturing, assembling, and dismantling technical components, assemblies, and systems
  • Testing and servicing technical systems
  • Building, expanding, and testing electrical components used in control technology

Industrial mechanics can be trained and employed in various sectors of the economy. Given the varied nature of their training, they can conceivably be employed in any of the institute’s departments with a focus on mechanical work.

The work requires an interest in engineering and a precise and careful approach, as well as a capacity for teamwork.

If places are available on this training program, you will find details in our Job advertisements for new recruits and experienced professionals.

The websites below provide further information on the vocational profile of an “Industrial Mechanic”: