Junior Academy Bavaria 2017

The next Junior Academy Bavaria (JuniorAkademie Bayern) will be held from August 2 to August 11, 2017, at our Research Campus in Waischenfeld.

The following courses are available to choose from:

  • “Quarten, Quinten und Oktaven – Mathematik zur Musik” (Fourths, fifths, and octaves – Mathematics for music)
  • “Es werde Licht – Chemie mit Licht, Licht durch Chemie” (Let there be light – Chemistry with light, light due to chemistry)
  • “Fraunhofer IIS - Kurs” (Fraunhofer IIS Course)
  • “Sport” (Sport)
  • “Experiment trifft Kreativität” (Experimentation meets creativity)

Based on the recommendations received from the teachers, we invited pupils to apply for Junior Academy Bavaria at the end of March. Please note that participants are required to make a contribution of €400 (“full-board” – includes accommodation and catering) and to organize their own travel to and from Waischenfeld.