Training at Fraunhofer IIS

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft offers excellent opportunities for training in technical and commercial occupations. Fraunhofer IIS regularly trains IT specialists, industrial mechanics, and office management assistants. The employment terms, remuneration, and social welfare benefits are based on the German Collective Agreement for Public Service Trainees (TVAöD).

What our past trainees say

Daniel Baumann

If I had to make the choice again, I would definitely choose to train at Fraunhofer IIS because it’s a place where you learn a lot about business. You’re given constant support and guidance from friendly colleagues.

Daniel Giese

When I asked what opportunities there were for me to do further training, I was given excellent advice. After several discussions with department heads and group leaders, as well as with my former trainer, we found the perfect solution for me.

Susanne Rosenbach

As trainees, we were always a well-integrated part of the team. In our training program, we were given constant support from our trainer as well as from our assistant trainers, who were always ready to listen to our problems.

Peter Warter

I particularly enjoyed the varied nature of the work and the opportunity to incorporate my own interests into the training program.