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What exactly does phenotyping mean? What is EVS? Our researchers bring it “To the point”.

Satellite IoT

Satellite IoT connects even the most far-flung corners of the earth to the Internet of Things. Thi Uyen Ly Dang participates in developing efficient transmission methods and knows the ropes.

NLUI – Natural Language User Interface

Wouldn't it be nice if you could operate equipment and machines simply by talking to them? Dr. Alessandra Zarcone is working on speech assistant technologies to enable this interaction.

Private 5G for the industry

Dr. Andreas Frotzscher explains private 5G is and how it will optimize the processes in future automated production.

Automated analog design

Microchips consist of digital and analog components. While the design of digital circuits is largely automated, analog components are still largely designed manually. Benjamin Prautsch explains how this is about to change.

Predictive maintenance

When is the ideal time for machine maintenance to avoid expensive system failures and unnecessary work? The team around Dr. Olaf Enge-Rosenblatt has developed a self-learning approach to determine the optimal time for maintenance.


Small computers in clothing can be helpful in stress and emergency situations – Dr. Nadine Lang explains what wearables can do.


5G will change the way people and machines communicate with each other. The successor to the current mobile phone standard LTE is considered the key to autonomous driving and industry 4.0. Bernhard Nieman explains the impact this technology will have on our lives.

Deep learning

Machines learn to think. With deep learning, machines compare data and recognize patterns. This enables them to reach decision proposals faster than humans. Dr. Christopher Mutschler explains how deep learning works.

EVS - Enhanced Voice Services

The audio technology "Enhanced Voice Services EVS" provides a completely new experience when making mobile phone calls - as if you were facing each other. Improved transmission of speech and music makes it possible. Stefan Döhla from the EVS development team briefly introduces the technology, also known as "HD Voice+", in the video.

Machine learning

Now the computers are cramming. Machine learning is a central method of artificial intelligence. Dr. Christopher Mutschler sums up why it is the solution for tricky problems.


The Internet of Things stands for the networking the world. It connects the real world with the world of the Internet. René Dünkler knows why the radio technology MIOTY comes in handy.


Climate change, plants and environmental influences - these are aspects that play an important role in phenotyping. Joelle Claußen explains how they are connected and what phenotyping is.

Open Innovation

In the past, companies developed their products without bringing the consumer on board. Open Innovation involves customers directly in the development process. Rebekka Schmidt explains how this works.


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