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In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic webinars open up new opportunities

Audio and Media Technologies / Engineering of Adaptive Systems / Fraunhofer IIS / 25.06.2020

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Speakers tell us about their experience with the webinar series at Fraunhofer IIS.

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How is the safety and longevity of electronic systems ensured?

Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS / Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 16.5.2019

Dr. André Lange
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Dr. André Lange (l.) and his team help customers evaluate the reliability and robustness of electronic components.

As electronic systems grow more autonomous and find increasingly widespread use in fields where safety is paramount, their reliability and durability are more important than ever. Research by Dr. André Lange and his team explores how aging processes in circuits can be accurately predicted.

Modular sensor technology for SMES

Engineering of Adaptive Systems EAS / Cognitive Sensor Technologies / 11.7.2018

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The Internet of Things (IoT) presents small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with almost insurmountable hurdles – and widens the digital divide between them and large corporations. This is set to change in the future thanks to a sensor platform that will allow smaller companies to occupy market niches in the IoT sector and to hold their own against international competitors.

Improved 3D chips for ultra HD cameras

Engineering of Adaptive Systems / 8.3.2017

Camera resolution is constantly improving. Meanwhile, users expect hardware components to become smaller and smaller. This is particularly true of ultra HD cameras, which capture four times as many pixels as their full HD counterparts. Researchersat the Engineering of Adaptive Systems (EAS) division in Dresden have developed a compact and energy-saving solution to process the huge volumes of data this entails.



The 3D chip enables a higher resolution from ultra HD cameras.
© Fraunhofer IIS
The 3D chip enables a higher resolution for ultra HD cameras.


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