Smart Sensing and Electronics

The idea and development of the ultra-low power RFicient ® wake-up receiver

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Smart Sensing and Electronics / 19.1.2018

© Fraunhofer IIS

A wakeUp radio module powered by a strawberry battery.

The Internet of Things requires a lot of wireless receivers. How can we design them so that they save energy and don’t need much maintenance? Dr. Frank Oehler and Dr. Heinrich Milosiu have been dealing with this question since June 2007. Here is the development story of the RFicient® wireless receiver chip, which receives signals continuously, but consumes just one-thousandth of the electricity used by an LED.

Manual panoramic microscopy with iStix ®

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Smart Sensing and Electronics / 23.10.2017

© Fraunhofer IIS

iStix ® creates a continuous, panoramic view of microscopy images.

Fraunhofer IIS has developed a low-cost alternative to whole slide imaging scanners for the digitization of prepared microscope slides. The institute is currently looking for partners to help further develop, evaluate and market the iStix ® software.

Determine how fit you are with the FitnessSHIRT

Cognitive Sensor Technologies / Smart Sensing and Electronics / 21.8.2017

© Fraunhofer IIS

Christian Weigand explains the FitnessSHIRT.

The FitnessSHIRT accurately monitors parameters such as heart rate variability (HRV) and your pulse – without an additional strap. Our employee Heiko Wörrlein tested the shirt on a training run in the Tennenlohe Forest near Nürnberg, and talked with chief of development Christian Weigand to find out more about the shirt’s potential applications and the data it collects.

High-tech hospital beds to fight bedsores

Smart Sensing and Electronics / 8.3.2017

In Germany alone, some 400,000 people suffer from pressure ulcers or bedsores, each year. Bedsores develop after a short period in patients with insufficient mobility. The smart hospital bed detects the patient’s current position and suggests a new one chosen to relieve pressure.

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3D model of the intelligent mattress
© Ergo-Tec

3D model of the intelligent mattress


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