Jacob Javits Center, New York City, USA  /  October 18, 2013  -  October 20, 2013

135th AES Convention 2013

135th AES Convention 2013

We're looking forward to seeing you at booth 2644.

Fraunhofer Cingo - Mobile Surround Sound

With Fraunhofer Cingo your tablet or smartphone becomes a true surround sound theater. Plug in your earphones or use the built-in stereo speakers to watch movies in enveloping surround sound - even while you’re on the move.

Not only does Cingo enable an excellent surround sound listening experience over stereo speakers or headphones, it also provides existing stereo content with a more natural and clear sound and includes loudness optimization for listening in noisy environments.

Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 use Fraunhofer Cingo for audio playback.

The new Codec Toolbox by Sonnox – The Fraunhofer audio codecs at your fingertips

Codec Toolbox is the result of a new Sonnox-Fraunhofer collaboration and an affordable yet invaluable mixing and mastering solution for anyone planning to encode their music for the web.

The plug-in is equipped with audio codecs from Fraunhofer, including mp3 and HE-AAC, and the Apple iTunes+ codec, enabling its users to conveniently optimize their music for online distribution to ensure that the music sounds as good online as it does in the studio. Codec Toolbox consists of two applications: The Toolbox Plug-In for the real-time auditioning of several audio codecs and the Toolbox Manager for metadata support.

The “clip safe” feature ensures clean encoded files and prevents clipping during playback by auto-compensating for any overs during the encoding process.

MPEG-DASH streaming with the HE-AAC Multichannel audio codec

HE-AAC is the audio codec of choice for broadcast and streaming services worldwide and has been deployed in more than 6 billion devices. Thanks to its unique combination of efficiency, high-quality audio and audio-specific metadata support, it is the perfect audio solution for new adaptive streaming standards such as MPEG-DASH which provide a stutter-free experience on congested networks. HE-AAC enables the best possible streaming experience at bit-rates as low as 24 kbit/s for bandwidth-limited stereo operations and high-quality multichannel audio at bitrates of 64 to 320 kbit/s. Experience the codec’s excellent audio quality at AES in our 5.1 surround sound enabled living room.

Das Codierverfahren liefert hohe Audioqualität bei sehr geringen Datenraten und wechselt bei schwankenden Netzwerkbedingungen unterbrechungsfrei zwischen verschiedenen Bitraten. Aufgrund dieser Eigenschaften ist HE-AAC auch die beste Wahl für adaptive Streaming-Standards wie MPEG-DASH.

HE-AACv2 is also the only mandatory audio codec in the DASH-AVC/264 Implementation Guidelines developed by the DASH Industry Forum (www.dashif.org).

HE-AAC - The native surround codec in Android

Fraunhofer IIS presents the only native surround sound codec of Android: Since Android 4.1, High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) multichannel is natively integrated in the world’s most popular mobile operating system. This enables playback of high-quality 5.1 surround content on Android phones and tablets connected via HDMI to a home theater system. Usage of HE-AAC is absolutely free for service providers and their player apps can make use of the Android built-in HE-AAC capabilities.

HE-AAC multichannel is part of the new Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec library for Android. This software, included in Android since version 4.1, makes Fraunhofer implementations of the MPEG audio codecs AAC, HE-AAC, HE-AACv2, and AAC-ELD available to the Android community.