Showcases CEBIT2013

Face detection and analysis with SHORE™ on embedded platforms

SHORE™ is an innovative solution for image based analysis of persons and groups of persons in real time. In addition to simply counting the number of test persons, also gender, age and facial expressions can be detected. Feedback analysis to optimize e. g. your advertisement, the product design or placement can be automatically and objectively carried out. SHORE™ is therefore suitable for quantitative as well as qualitative market research applications.

Contact: Dr. Jens Garbas

HE-AAC – Surround Sound on Android

At CeBIT, the Audio & Multimedia departments of Fraunhofer IIS demonstrate the native support of High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) multichannel in Android 4.1. This support enables playback of high-quality 5.1 surround content on Android 4.1 phones and tablets connected via HDMI to a home theatre system. In combination with adaptive HTTP streaming technologies such as MPEG DASH, Android devices become true delivery platforms allowing service providers to easily offer their content in the most efficient, highest-quality MPEG standards available today.

Contact: Matthias Rose


Information Services based on Intelligent Object Technologies

Information Services based on Intelligent Object Technologies like RFID, wireless sensor networks or positioning and navigation systems are being implemented to eliminate lack of transparency of global supply chains or to produce hybrid products in order to meet value-added customer concerns. With the help of RFID & Co. information of objects is gathered regarding history, position and condition. Mentioned information can be made available and embedded in optimized business concepts. Economic- and technological questions to the engineering of sensor based information services are answered profoundly by the Fraunhofer -Nürnberger Service Engineering Binokular NSEB©.

Contact: Lina Scheu