CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia 2014

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS will be among the exhibitors at CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia in Istanbul, September 11-14, 2014. We will present our competences in Camera Technologies such as "POLKA" and "EagleCam", in Broadband & Satellite Communication Technologies, in Antenna Design such as "GNSSA High-Precision Navigation Antenna" as well as in Localization and Navigation technologies such as "High-Performance Real-Time Positioning and Tracking System BlackFIR®".

Broadband & Satellite Communication

Fraunhofer IIS's new technologies entail the wireless distribution of digital information or data services. The media information should be transmitted in an efficient, fast and cost-effective manner to many people. Current focal points are, among others, 4G-5G, eMBMS, two-way mobile satellite-based systems in the Ka-band ensuring communication even in the event of catastrophe or crisis.

Fraunhofer IIS projects are ranging from concept studies and implementation of high-frequency systems right up to product development. Developments relating to high-frequency and microwave technology are used in wireless, embedded communication, navigation and in digital broadcasting systems. Some of our applications are real-time broadband receivers for validation of field tests, test and measuring devices, modulators and monitoring devices for transmitters and content servers for multimedia applications.

Antenna Technologies

Fraunhofer IIS designs antennas tailored to suit your specific application and application environment. As your competent one-stop shop for antenna design, our comprehensive portfolio includes miniaturized antennas, embedded / mobile and stationary antennas for satellite radio transmission as well as integrated antennas for mobile communication, and adaptive antenna systems for automobiles, or other applications. Antenna testing and measuring are also amongst Fraunhofer IIS services offered to its clients.

GNSSA - High-Precision Navigation Antenna

Amongst Fraunhofer IIS technologies, the GNSSA, is an active antenna, which can receive signals from all existing global navigation satellite systems (incl. future systems using the L-band). The design consists of a broadband matched, electrically small radiating element with parasitic elements around it. It can process satellite signals even at low elevation angles without any problems due to the optimal shape of the radiation pattern in terms of beamwidth in elevation, omnidirectionality in azimuth and good multipath rejection.

BlackFIR® - High-Performance Tracking Technology

BlackFIR® 2.4
BlackFIR® 2.4

Radio location and communication has been a key area of expertise at Fraunhofer IIS for more than 20 years. The BlackFIR® technology by Fraunhofer IIS establishes transparent processes by providing continuous live information on the whereabouts of people and objects in defined areas. We provide a technology platform for applications like Industry 4.0, logistics, automotive, security, health, sports, information and entertainment. As a competence center for tracking technology we are the development partner for real time, accurate, reliable and seamless positioning systems.

Camera Technologies

Fraunhofer IIS's camera systems comprise high-speed cameras, miniaturized camera systems and HDTV cameras for industrial and medical applications as well as for media production. The cameras are designed for robustness and multifunctional use.

POLKA Polarisationskamera
© Fraunhofer IIS/Alexander Schelle
© Fraunhofer IIS/Alexander Schelle

POLKA - Compact Polarization Camera

POLKa is created to "uncover the Invisible". POLKA is an innovative camera for pixel-wise detection and measurement of the polarization state of light. Though being compact and rugged, POLKA is an artefact-free, cost-effective and easy- to-calibrate solution whenever the polarization information of light is to be analyzed. Some application examples are; optical measurement, surface inspection, mechanical stress measurement, industrial imaging (machine control, machine vision, optimization of manufacturing processes), material discrimination and analysis.

EagleCam - Highly Integrated Embedded Camera System

Developed originally as a customized application for a nature film, the camera provides natural images of highest quality under extreme conditions like mechanical stress, different weather situations or changing light. With its robust, lightweight and ergonomic design, the camera is able to take natural pictures from the back of an eagle with stunning image quality. Working on an easy-to-use android operating system, the interchangeable mini camera head also provides the necessary flexibility.