Messe Berlin  /  September 05, 2014  -  September 10, 2014

IFA 2014

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Visit us at hall 11.1, booth 22. We look forward to seeing you!

Hear the future of television audio

Visitors to Fraunhofer’s IFA booth will experience a technology preview of Fraunhofer’s new TV audio system being considered for upcoming television standards such as ATSC 3.0. The system is based on MPEG-H Audio, the open ISO standard which includes object-based audio that allows viewers to adjust the sound mix to their preferences, boosting hard-to-understand dialogue or creating a “home team“-mix of sports broadcasts. The system is based on a new, efficient audio codec that includes processing to offer an optimized experience with controlled loudness on every device over broadcast, cable, Internet, and mobile networks.

EWF, Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer and TPEG – Explore the latest digital radio applications

Explore the full potential of digital radio applications when you visit Fraunhofer’s booth at this year’s IFA. The new Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) for Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB/DAB+), is a simple and reliable tool that quickly provides the public with emergency information when disasters and emergencies strike. The EWF technology transmits audio messages in emergency situations, and also provides multi-lingual textual information to assist non-native speakers and hearing-impaired users. In the event of an emergency, EWF-enabled digital radio receivers automatically re-tune to the emergency program or wake up from stand-by mode and broadcast the emergency warning.

Booth visitors will also have a chance to learn more about the Fraunhofer MultimediaPlayer for DAB/DAB+ and DRM. Aside from playing back stereo and DAB surround sound, the software supports program-associated data services such as the Categorized Slideshow. Hybrid applications are possible thanks to Journaline’s Hot-Button feature.

Fraunhofer will also present the TPEG decoder software, a digital radio application providing comprehensive travel and traffic information.

Fraunhofer Cingo® - Mobile Surround Sound

With Fraunhofer Cingo your tablet or smartphone becomes a true surround sound theater. Plug in your earphones or use the built-in stereo speakers to watch movies in enveloping surround sound - even while you’re on the move. Not only does Cingo enable an excellent surround sound listening experience over stereo speakers or headphones, it also provides existing stereo content with a more natural and clear sound.

In addition, Cingo includes loudness optimization for listening in noisy environments and improves the intelligibility of dialog and commentary. The Google Nexus family of devices uses Fraunhofer Cingo for audio playback.