Technologies for Movie Production and Post-production at IBC 2015

Fraunhofer@IBC 2015: Hall 8 Booth B.80

HIGGS - Mobile Video Content Production

Online videos are everywhere. But telling a story with multiple cameras, is often time-consuming. Not so with the mobile production system HIGGS. The camera systems are hardly bigger than a box of tissues with ten centimeters long and four centimeters in height and width. A tablet app is used as production suite, with that the user can control up to five cameras, cut the video in real-time and stream live to the Internet. All that with a few "clicks" and in HD resolution.

Contact: Yvette Kunze, Electronic Imaging

Lici®- Lightweight Image Coding

The first real-world implementation of Fraunhofer IIS’ Lici® codec within keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) solutions will be showcased with partners IHSE GmbH and Viscon GmbH as part of the new IBC Content Everywhere Technology in Action Theater. Lici® is a cost-effective solution for image processing and transmission systems in professional production. Also ideal for use in cameras and other multimedia applications, Lici adapts image data streams to the available infrastructure and bandwidth while maintaining resolution and dynamic range enhancements. The result is visually lossless transfer of 2K, 4K and 8K content for 30 Hz and 60 Hz. Additionally, Lici® is perfect for use with HDR monitors due to its 12 bit color depth.  Lici® can be easily implemented into existing or new systems. Future applications will include Video Over IP and media contribution.

Contact: Wolfgang Heppner, Moving Picture Technologies

easyDCP for DCP and IMP creation and playback

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easyDCP die effiziente und zuverlässige Software, um IMFs und DCPs zu erstellen und abzuspielen.

With more than 1,500 licensees worldwide, Fraunhofer IIS’ easyDCP Software Suite is one of the leading solutions for creation, playback and quality control of digital cinema packages (DCP) and Interoperable Master Format Packages (IMPs) based on ISO and SMPTE standards. At IBC, Fraunhofer IIS will introduce new features including advanced subtitling options for easy quality assurance for multi-language packages, new scaling options for parallel generation of Flat and Scope DCPs from one source and support for QuickTime audio and 30 bit export for video files. Enhanced software algorithms accelerate deconding for the easyDCP Player for real-time display of DCPs and the playback of IMPs at a data rate up to 800 Mbit per second in 2k. Additionally, easyDCP will support a new generation of object-based audio formats. easyDCP is available as a standalone software or as plug-ins for various post-production tools like Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and Quantel’s Pablo Rio.

Contact: Dr. Heiko Sparenberg, Moving Picture Technologies

Multi-Camera Post-production-PlugIn-Suite for NUKE

Due to popular demand, Fraunhofer IIS encapsulated its light-field technology into plug-ins for The Foundry’s Nuke software suite, allowing movie professionals to take advantage of multi-camera arrays and multi-view processing. Light-field technology exploits recording of several camera views of the same scene from a single shot. Based on the different views, depth maps, virtual camera movements and changes in focus can be realized in post-production, and creative options formerly only possible with CGI, such as enhancements for virtual backlot applications, can be realized for live-action content. Test licenses are available for first professional users.

Contact: Joachim Keinert, Computational Imaging and Algorithms

Technology in Action Theater

Together with its partners IHSE GmbH and Viscon GmbH Fraunhofer IIS introduces its Lici-Codec:

"Use of Mezzanine Image Compression for KVM Extenders and Video Transmission,”                Friday 11 September, 3:00 p.m.
Hall 3, Booth 3.A19