Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA  /  April 13, 2015  -  April 16, 2015

NAB Show 2015

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South Hall Booth SU3714 and Center Hall Booth C8931 (Bavarian Pavilion)

MPEG-H Audio Alliance Live Sports Remote Broadcast Demonstration

The MPEG-H Audio Alliance of Fraunhofer IIS, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and Technicolor will showcase the world's first live broadcast demonstration of their new immersive and interactive TV audio system currently proposed for ATSC 3.0 and being developed for over-the-top streaming video services. The demonstration will include:

  • A complete live broadcast signal chain using MPEG-H Audio, from a sports remote, to network operations, to a local affiliate, and then broadcast to a consumer STB for playback. Broadcasters may walk into the NOC and talk to the Alliance's broadcast engineers about how MPEG-H has been integrated into the plant of "The MPEG Network", or visit the local affiliate WMPG-TV and hear a local promo produced in immersive sound.
  • Mixing by our A1's live on the air, just as they do for shows today, except with static objects for dialogue and dynamic objects for sound effects, and of course, immersive sound. Broadcasters will be able to speak directly with them about their views on using dynamic object panning on the air and how it affects their workload.
  • Playback of a wide range of content formats - the demo will feature content stored on the video server in 5.1, stereo, 5.1 + 4H, and even 7.1 + 4H and HOA. All this seamlessly combined with frame-accurate cuts in the audio during automation playout, emission encoding, and decoding in the home.
    All done using existing, unmodified broadcast equipment, except for:
    • Jünger Audio MPEG-H Audio Monitoring and Authoring Units that adapt today's 5.1 consoles for immersive audio production and allow operations to audition MPEG-H audio in the plant as it will be reproduced on viewer's devices. Of course, since the audio signals are carried as embedded PCM on SDI, broadcaster's existing audio panels can be used for confidence monitoring or cues, as well as for stereo or 5.1 monitoring.
    • New AVC video encoders and decoders that include MPEG-H Audio. While the Alliance plans on having commercial hardware at future shows, at NAB it will use Fraunhofer reference designs. We chose H.264 for convenience in this demonstration – MPEG-H Audio will work with H.265/HEVC or other video codecs.
  • Editing of content using standard production tools - Media Composer, Premiere Pro, ProTools, etc.

In addition to the live sports show, visitors will also be able to hear Hollywood movies, broadcast in MPEG-H from the original theatrical or near-field mixes. And, of course, they will be able to hear Fraunhofer's 3D Soundbar prototype, demonstrating the vision of bringing immersive sound to mainstream consumers as a decor-friendly, un-box and plug-in easy installation.

There will also be a Samsung pre-production prototype TV on display decoding MPEG-H Audio, where visitors will be able to adjust the audio elements of a sports show to their preference.

MPEG-H may operate within broadcast plants in two modes: Fixed Mode, using fixed channel assignments and loudness levels as is today's practice, and Control Track Mode, for more complex programming with several channel assignments and audio modes as well as dynamic objects. At NAB, the most advanced mode, Control Track Mode, will be shown, operating through the entire chain with dynamic objects, modes from stereo to HOA and 7.1 + 4H, many different channel assignments, and agile loudness metadata, without any need for "Dolby E or non-audio mode" configuration of the SDI audio channels.

The demonstration will run on a true broadcast schedule under automation control, repeating at :00, :20, and :40 minutes after the hour, and you'll hear local commercials inserted during a network break and join. Of course, in the living room visitors will be able to hear pre-recorded content on demand and experience the "MPEG Movie Channel" as well as The MPEG Network.

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Fraunhofer Cingo® – An immersive sound experience on mobile devices

With Fraunhofer Cingo your mobile devices become true multidimensional sound theaters. Plug in your earphones or use the built-in stereo speakers for enveloping sound when enjoying movies, games or any other virtual environment.

Not only does Cingo enable an excellent surround sound listening experience over stereo speakers or headphones, it also provides existing stereo content with a more natural and clear sound. What’s more, Fraunhofer Cingo supports rendering of 3D audio content with formats such as MPEG-H that add a height dimension to the sound image with 9.1, 11.1 or other channel configurations as well as object-based audio. In addition, Cingo includes loudness optimization for listening in noisy environments and improves the intelligibility of dialog and commentary.

The Google Nexus family of devices uses Cingo for an enhanced listening experience when playing back content in stereo or surround. Cingo is also part of the Samsung Gear VR, creating the ultimate mobile virtual reality experience by delivering 3D spatial sound that incorporates head movements.

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Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance
Center Hall C8931

Tools and live-action testcclip for light-field media production

At NAB 2015 experts from Fraunhofer IIS are presenting tools for movie production with lightfield technology. Together with the Stuttgart Media University Fraunhofer realized a project to test the requirements in a creative environment on a production set to learn more about the needs and to test the workflow with its light-field media production system. The results of this project as well as tools to work with light-field technology are shown at the Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance booth C8931. Frederik Zilly will hold a presentation also at the Technology Summit on Sunday, 12 April | 12:00 - 12:30 | S222.


LICI - Lightweight coding technology for transfer of HD and UHD image data at limited bandwidth

Together with a german manufacturer of professional broadcast equipment Fraunhofer IIS present the integration of its LICI codec in a ready-to-market commercial product. LICI is used to guarantee the transfer of HD and UHD image without sacrificing quality or generating dropped frames. This codec is also available for other use cases and can be licensed from Fraunhofer IIS.


Media asset management for DCPs and IMPs

No longer searching in directories for DCPs/IMPs, sample cuts, different versions or clips: the developers of the well-known easyDCP software are now present a new tool to search and manage huge assets of DCPs and IMPs. Based on the MPEG-DASH technology they also integrated a preview to search from mobile devices in DCP/IMP assets.