Aviation and Space

System level simulation for 5G NR Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN)

The SLS 5G NR NTN simulator developed at Fraunhofer IIS is a service that combines 5G signals from satellites and ground stations and uses them to determine the local coverage quality of the communication network. This technology is particularly interesting for the aviation industry, which can thus ensure a continuous 5G connection to flying objects or prepare for any connection failures. In addition, underserved areas can be supplied through the combination of 5G and satellite technology.

Platform for early technology evaluation of Non-Terrestrial Networks NTN)

With its software defined radio platform (SDR), Fraunhofer IIS offers access to the latest 5G-NTN technology from 3GPP Release 17 and practical environments for the evaluation of non-terrestrial networks, even before the new features are commercially available. We thus offer our customers a clear lead over their competitors and help them to prepare for the new technologies at an early stage.