Campus Networks

5G Bavaria Testbed »Industry 4.0«

The 5G testbed »Industry 4.0« offers easy access to the latest 5G technology, the most advanced measurement technology and an environment that can be flexibly adapted to the respective application.

Testbed users benefit from a measurement environment that can be adapted to the individual needs of customers and their applications and solutions and can also be brought to the customer's site. In the testbed, production, assembly, logistics and maintenance processes can be simulated and measurements can be implemented in a reproducible manner. In this way, applications with 5G can be tested in a safe but realistic environment. This enables the rapid development of new applications and products through early technology evaluation.

The 5G Bavaria testbed »Industry 4.0« is the first Open RAN environment that combines industrial 5G communication with 5G positioning. The testbed allows development tests and functional tests, performance and interoperability tests as well as stability and long-term tests as well as mobility tests.


Mobile 5G Campus Network

Fraunhofer IIS offers a temporary mobile 5G campus network. With this solution, the performance of 5G can be tested and evaluated on site and under real conditions for a certain period of time before an investment decision is made. The mobile campus network is also a solution for temporary 5G deployments (e.g. as part of research projects).

Mobile Lab

The mobile measurement laboratory allows location-independent measurements and mobile measurement runs to test communication and positioning solutions (e.g. 5G, LTE, GPS, Galileo) under various environmental conditions in terms of reception quality, mobile influences, range, coexistence and interference resistance as well as accuracy.

Measurement solutions

At Fraunhofer IIS, various measurement solutions are also available for mobile use by customers and partners. These include a wireless 5G protocol analyzer that captures the entire message exchange. A portable solution is also available for testing and monitoring 5G campus networks on site, e.g. to measure latency and data rate across the board and to ensure network coverage. A powerful, portable HF real-time spectrum analyzer for the FR1 and mmWave range is also available, e.g. to detect interference or to measure the transmission power. Other features include a PTP analyzer, other signal and spectrum analyzers, vector signal generators for 5G signals or various antennas, amplifiers and filters.