Enhanced Communication

Ultra-Reliable Wireless Industrial Networks

With the SDR-based "UWIN Evaluation Kit", Fraunhofer offers a possibility to evaluate the performance of 6G with the specially developed Ultra-Reliable-Wireless-Industrial-Network-Technology before commercial solutions are available.

MmWave Test Platform

Fraunhofer IIS is developing a platform to test 5G in the FR2 band (frequencies at 28 GHz) (e.g. MIMO, positioning) for early access to the high frequencies within 5G and the quantification of the behavior that then changes. The data transmission and the ranging in the FR2 frequency range are shown, for example, in order to make it possible to experience the blocking of a line of sight connection or a transmission at greater distances. This means that network suppliers and operators as well as the automotive industry can already experience the behavior of FR2 today.

Energy self-sufficient IoT Communication with Energy Harvesting

Our real-time demonstrator transmits sensor data using NB-IoT. Energy self-sufficient through energy harvesting, various measurement data are transmitted live from the roof and from the heating system in the basement, which are integrated into the supply network for heat and electricity at our research facility. For this purpose, the NB-IoT modules and sensor modules were measured and energetically optimized so that efficient operation from energy harvesting sources is possible.