Multi-Access Edge Computing

Evaluation Platform for Multi-Access Edge Computing

Fraunhofer IIS offers an evaluation platform for MEC technologies in order to be able to test applications and their distribution in advance. The 5G Bavaria testbeds »Industry 4.0« and »Automotive« create the opportunity to create a native MEC integration and to set up different network architecture forms. In addition to a connection via 5G-SA, it is also possible to simulate heterogeneous network situations with Wi-Fi 6E. Cloud or edge-native applications can thus be developed and extensively evaluated in different situations. The focus can be placed both on the functionality of applications with particularly high demands on the communication networks, which, for example, require very low latency and high reliability at the same time, as well as on dynamic deployment or orchestration strategies. Our MEC environment relies on a modern technology stack: components from the cloud technology stack, a software-defined network (SDN) and a direct connection to the 5G-SA and Wi-Fi 6 network.

Sample application of Multi-Access Edge Computing in industrial 5G Campus Networks

With the multi-access edge computing demonstrator, we have implemented an exemplary application of the MEC technology trend for more security and real time in industrial production. Our demonstrator combines the topics of 5G, edge computing, AI and image recognition and uses them to enable a smooth and safe process in a miniature production line (e.g. user identification, condition monitoring, retrofitting).