Communication Networks

Communication Networks

Within their research and development efforts the Communication Networks Department implements innovative wireless and heterogenic information and communication systems as well as positioning systems.

Our Experience for your Success

Our experience enables us to produce specifications and system designs for communication systems as well as to develop systems, networks and gateways for wireless communication, digital hardware including integrated RF circuits, network-based services and distributed software applications. We have a long-term commitment to joint research and development projects with German and other European industry partners, which ensure that our activities are always focused on practical issues and geared towards future markets. Close collaboration with several universities gives us access to information resources and leading-edge research.

Project »ways4me« receives Austrian State Award for Mobility 2015

Vienna, June 22, 2015

© Photo Bischof/FH JOANNEUM

This project facilitates journeys for visually impaired people. The objective of ways4me is to realize a barrier-free application which brings together indoor and outdoor navigation with retrieval of information as well as communication with public transport. The positioning technology awiloc® of the department Communication Networks constitutes the basis for indoor positioning.


Fraunhofer IIS’s awiloc® Technology for Positioning Makes EARTO Innovation Awards Final

Nuremberg/Brussel, October 15, 2015

Jürgen Hupp (M.) vom Fraunhofer IIS nahm den EARTO-Preis für die Lokalisierungstechnologie awiloc® entgegen. Neben ihm: Maria Khorsand, Präsidentin EARTO, und Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, European Commission.
© Photo EARTO

The awiloc® technology received the second prize in the category Impact delivered at the EARTO Innovation Awards. A group of Fraunhofer IIS scientists developed the awiloc® technology for secure positioning in wireless networks.

Wireless communication and positioning solutions combine electric and communication technology as well as telecommunication and information technology. Providing you a team of sophisticated specialists with long-term experience we offer you a solid base for developing your projects. Our support starts with the system design, coming to the software and hardware development and ending with the system test.

Our offer ranges from the technical expertise to the know-how within the industry sector.

Our competences


  • Autonomous positioning in cities and buildings for commercial devices (awiloc®)
  • Energy efficient multi-hop communication protocol (s-net®)
  • Professional voice conferencing systems on DECT basis (more information)
  • Individual customized development of radio and positioning systems


Implementation competences

  • Implementation competence at ressource limited embedded systems
  • Longstanding development of technologies


Market competences

  • Marketing support
  • Specific market know-how

What we offer

We will be happy to share our experience and expertise and to provide the following services:

Custom development and adaptation

Based on your requirements or the specifications created, we will either develop a tailored solution or adapt our existing hardware and software to meet your specific needs.



You can use our hardware and software as a basis for further development or to accelerate product introduction. Existing hardware and software solutions can be licensed as finished products.


Prototyping and small batch production

In collaboration with our partners, we can also provide prototypes and carry out low-volume production runs. In addition, we maintain links with long-established manufacturers to whom full-scale production can be outsourced.


Consulting and system design

We will support you in introducing or developing wireless communication systems, starting for instance by conducting feasibility studies, performing simulations or making measurements in the intended environment. In consultation with you, we can subsequently produce system designs or devise and develop products, network topologies and new services or applications. Our seminars and workshops give you the opportunity to discuss topical issues directly with our researchers and developers.

Events in 2015

  • 13.04 - 17.04: HMI in Hannover
    A mobile platform for reliable digitalization of processes and value chains
    The s-net® SmartTracking technology combines communication, tracking and sensing with application and process logic – all on a single platform. In this way, it provides the basis for complete digitization of processes and value chains.

    Durable voice and data communication
    Antenna diversity both at the base station and the mobile device considerably enhances the reliability of radio communication, particularly indoors. Fully digital audio conferencing with optimum use of the wireless resource through synchronization make the system far superior to conventional DECT systems in terms of system capacity and voice quality.
  • 02.03 - 05.03: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
    More information
  • 24.02 - 26.02: Embedded World in Nuremberg
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Events in 2014

  • 18.11 - 20.11: Euro ID in Frankfurt/M.
    Our topic at the International Exhibition and Conference for Identification:
    s-net® SmartTracking - Sensor network technology for challenges of 4.0 applications
    More information
  • 11.11 - 14.11: Electronica in Munich
    More information
  • 04.11 - 06.11: Utility Week in Amsterdam
    More information
  • 07.04 - 11.04: HMI in Hannover
    More information
  • 25.02 - 27.02: Embedded World in Nuremberg
  • 24.02 - 27.02: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
    Visit us at MWC 2014 in Hall 7 Booth No. 7G31 We invite you to visit us during this year’s Mobile World Congress to discover awiloc, the privacy-preserving 3D positioning technology for seamless in- and outdoor positioning. Our topics this year: Seamless navigation for urban areas - shopping and more: barrier-free tourism for senior citizens, shared use of electric mobile or indoor positioning for airports, hotels or shopping-malls – all solved by awiloc, running on Android and iOS devices. Convenient and eco-friendly travel: thanks to awiloc seamless navigation travelers can easily locate a particular stop or platform and even the right train, car and seat. More fun in the museum: awiloc does away with the need to search for relevant information; it enables mobile devices such as smartphones to automatically determine the exhibit which is closest to a particular visitor. We look forward seeing you next week in Barcelona (hall 7, booth 7G71).
    More information
  • 10.01: Dinosaurs at first hand - Dinotopia in Dallas
    The NOUS project brings adventure with dinosaurs to a new level. Now Samsung devices and awiloc® technology enable visitors a marvelous augmented-reality experience in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.
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Events in 2013

  • 11.12: Museum for Industrial Culture obtains award for a project based on awiloc®
    The Sparda-Bank supports local charitable organizations, especially relating to childrens' education. Therefore the Museum for Industrial Culture in Nuremberg received a 5.000 Euro donation for their project "Elektronische Schatzsuche". This project intends education on the topic "The Industrial Change" in a playful way as well as a general sensibilization of children for museums.
  • 14.11: Technology Compass
    We inform and discuss about »industry 4.0«
  • 24.10: 5th awiloc® Technology Day in Oldenburg
  • 15.10 - 17.10: European Utility Week in Amsterdam
    Radio-based metering and asset tracking with s-net®
    More information
  • 10.09: RFID Congress in Dusseldorf
  • 26.08: Visit of the Federal Minsiter Johanna Wanka at Fraunhofer IIS in Nuremberg
  • 16.07: 12th testbed partner meeting
    More information
  • 11.06: State Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich
    A mobile multimedia guide system offers detailed background information based on the current location of the user.
    More information
  • 22.05: Treasure hunting in the Museum of Industrial Culture in Nuremberg
  • 26.04: Inauguration of the Test and Demonstration Center L.I.N.K.
  • 25.04: Project MoDe obtains award for "Most Innovative Customer Solution"
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  • 17.04 - 20.04: Museum and the Web in Portland
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  • 08.04 - 12.04: HMI in Hannover
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  • 25.03: The multimedia guide shortlisted for coveted International Museums & Heritage Awards for Excellence
    The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF) in Paderborn offers a multimedia guide that incorporates awiloc® and guide visitors by displaying relevant photos.
    More information
  • 05.03 - 09.03: CeBIT in Hannover
  • 26.02 - 28.02: Embedded World in Nuremberg
    More information
  • 25.03 - 28.02: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
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Events in 2012

  • 18.12: Technology Day Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 13.11 - 16.11: Electronica in Munich
  • 13.11: awiloc® on the IT Summit in Essen
  • 16.10: 11th testbed partner meeting
    The international awiloc®-consortium welcomes four new partners: N-Solut, NOUS, CloudMade and Qualigon.
    More information
  • 09.10 - 11.10: Metering Europe in Amsterdam
  • 20.09: awiloc® Technology Day in Schloss Birlinhoven, Sankt Augustin
  • 07.08: N-Solut and CloudMade enter the indoor market with awiloc®
    The available technology for localization within buildings is growing rapidly. Every day, new companies enter into this area. With N-Solut and CloudMade, two experienced professionals are now committing to this market.
    More information
  • 01.07: Museum of History Baden-Württemberg
    History museum introduces the new media-guide with awiloc® positioning.
    More information
  • 26.06: Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
    Be guided through the World's biggest computer museum by a new mutimedia guide with awiloc®.
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  • 22.05 - 24.05: Sensor + Test, Nuremberg
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  • 22.05: 10th testbed partner meeting
    Heidelberg Mobil is introduced as a new application partner.
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  • 15.05 - 16.05: Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe, Berlin
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  • 24.04 - 26.04: Euro ID, Berlin
    More information
  • 23.04 - 27.04: HMI in Hannover
    More information
  • 06.03 - 10.03: CeBIT in Hannover
    More information
  • 28.02 - 01.03: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
    More information
  • 28.02 - 01.03: Embedded World in Nuremberg
    More information
  • 01.02: Start of the Research Project ACCESS
    The research project ACCESS is intended to develop an assistance system for senior citizens with mobility handicaps, providing barrier-free city and in-building navigation. Until the end of the project there will be a prototypical guidance system in several selected model cities and regions all over Germany. Awiloc is going to pave the way for an unlimited navigation – both indoors and outdoors. With the program “Mobile into Age – Seamless Mobility Chains to Eliminate and Overcome Barriers” awiloc is promoted by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.
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