Extracting precious data

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Data collection is nothing new; it goes on everywhere. These days, humankind stores vast amounts of data. Travelers upload photos of mountains and beaches to the cloud, sensors send thousands of machine parameters to control centers, and online stores ship packages daily based on millions of stored customer details.


So if data is like grains of sand on the beach or in a desert, how can we find the right data, the really important stuff? When we compare the situation with archaeological excavations, we soon realize that it’s about having the right tools. After all, if archaeologists have spades that are too small or only brushes, they won’t get at the buried treasure, and if they use a shovel excavator, they risk destroying valuable items. It’s a similar story with treasures buried within the vast expanses of data, which can be extracted only using the right methods.

For this reason, experts at Fraunhofer IIS are working on further developing suitable methods and techniques from within various core areas of fundamental expertise.