Smart measuring stations for a better climate

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Private individuals can attach EnsiroGo to a bicycle, for instance, to collect environmental data.

In the Ensiro project, smart sensor networks monitor and transmit various types of environmental data.

Fine particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen oxides, and other harmful substances lead to serious environmental pollution. It is therefore prudent to conduct reliable monitoring of air quality both indoors and outdoors on an ongoing basis. Our Application Center Wireless Sensor Technology in Coburg is developing a system – consisting of sensors and a digital platform – that collects the environmental data, transmits it wirelessly, and makes it available to a wide range of target groups. The application-specific sensor networks serve as a basis for the development of further analysis procedures and of heuristics to determine and improve data quality. We are also developing various demonstrators for data collection: Networked using the MIOTY wireless technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS, the stationary EnsiroAmbit for indoor and outdoor applications collects data in order to determine air quality and calculates the pollutant concentration or residence parameters, for example. There is also a version that is suitable for use on public transport vehicles. The mobile EnsiroGo device is so compact that private individuals can attach it to a backpack, handbag, or bicycle and thereby make a valuable contribution to the comprehensive recording of environmental data, which is of great use in weather forecasting, climate research, town planning, and environmental protection.