A microscope with a panoramic view

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Virtual slide including loop closure generated with a manual microscope and the iStix software from Fraunhofer IIS.

The iStix® software combines individual microscopic images into one large panorama.

High-resolution microscopic images can often only be digitalized using expensive slide scanners. In medicine, for example, pathological fi ndings can only be documented and archived at great expense. As an alternative, we have developed the iStix software, which can be used in conjunction with a camera and a conventional microscope to generate large-area scans. In a process known as »stitching«, the images are placed in the correct positions in the x and y directions in order to create a panoramic image. The integrated zoom and storage functions for the original images, as well as the stitched panoramic image, allow data to be exchanged easily.

iStix® can also be used during training in the fi elds of medicine and biology. Moreover, high-resolution microscopic images are also required in other areas, such as material science, quality assurance, and material testing, where cases of damage or new material developments must be consid ered within the context of the sample. There is scope to work with partners from industry to create other customer-specifi c functions and adaptations.

Whole Slide Imaging for Microscopes#