New platform for logistics real estate

“L.Immo online” offers up-to-date market and site data for Germany’s 23 logistics regions

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The construction and further development of logistics centers and buildings is a commercially and financially attractive proposition for users, investors, project developers and municipal governments – provided that the conditions are right. Accordingly, for over ten years, we have been analyzing and evaluating the general conditions in Germany in a scientifically grounded way and making the results available to customers.

In 2018, the contents of the “Logistics Real Estate – Market and Sites” series of studies, which are published every two years, were transferred to an online platform called “L.Immo online.” The centerpiece is an interactive map with individually selectable elements that not only display attractiveness and intensity ratings, but also show the individual logistics real estate sites along with their age and user structure in Germany’s 23 logistics regions. In a view provided free of charge, users can obtain an overview of German logistics regions and the methodology used; regional or full-access options allow users to explore the individual regions in greater detail.

The platform offers all market players a basis for investment decisions, site evaluations and real estate valuations. The new online format also makes it possible to update the data twice a year, to display all contents in English at the click of a button, or to add new features and evaluation options depending on market developments.