easyDCP – ten years for digital cinema

Approved software for mastering of DCPs and IMFs

In just ten years, easyDCP post-production software has earned a globally recognized market position among post- productions, studios and all filmmakers who want to create a cinema package. The software is used for the creation, playback and quality control of digital cinema packages (DCPs) and interoperable master packages (IMPs). easyDCP has also been incorporated into further well-known post- production tools.

The easyDCP software meets the specifications of SMPTE and the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) for digital cinema; its development was an important step in making digital cinema a reality. In this way, even non-digital natives can continue to easily and reliably create films for the big screen.

With the latest development, the easyDCP Publisher, users can opt for an on-demand licensing model – for example, if they want to create only a handful of DCPs per year. On top of this, filmmakers are now also able to switch directly from Final Cut Pro to the easyDCP Publisher ecosystem in a continuous workflow and carry out edits and optimizations as often as required. The next challenge will be to convert the workflows to cloud solutions, which we will address for new easyDCP developments.

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