JPEG XS – new codec for Video over IP

Compression standard for the transmission of high-resolution video data

As the amounts of video data with high resolution and advan- ced dynamics constantly rise, demand is also growing for the ability to respond flexibly to this challenge through the use of standard Internet protocols. Many production companies and studios in particular are searching for solutions to replace dedicated cables and switches for video transmission with conventional and more cost-efficient Ethernet infrastructures.

With the advent of JPEG XS, filmmakers now profit from a compression standard that is suitable specifically for so-called IP workflows in studio environments, for local video networks and above all for virtual- and augmented-reality applications. With this standard, it is possible to transmit high-resolution video data up to 8K and 60 images per second in production quality even with limited bandwidth or limited computing power. Our scientists have developed an encoder and decoder solutions based on JPEG-XS that can be used in particular for transmissions with compression rates from 2:1 to 10:1. This solution can be integrated into existing hardware or software systems – such as in cameras, video switches, monitors and VR glasses – and is available as a licensable solution.

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