MPEG-H selected for chinese 3D audio standard

Fraunhofer IIS is technology supplier for 3D sound in 4K UHD TV

© Fraunhofer IIS / viaframe

China’s AVS 3D Audio Task Group has chosen Fraunhofer IIS as the transmission audio codec solution provider for the upcoming 3D Audio standard that will be used in the country’s 4K UHD broadcast. Fraunhofer proposed its MPEG-H TV Audio System according to the requirements of China’s next- generation broadcasting audio standard in order to meet the Chinese market demand for compelling audio.

„Our team in China is excited to start helping Chinese broad- casters and CE manufacturers deliver the excellent immersive and interactive audio features of the MPEG-H TV Audio Sys- tem to consumers at home and on the go“ said Toni Fiedler, representing Fraunhofer IIS in China. Fraunhofer IIS recently presented its end-to-end MPEG-H TV Audio System at Asia’s largest tradeshow for broadcasting technology and equip- ment, China Content Broadcasting Network 2018 (CCBN). The exhibits included a live broadcast chain demonstration with real-time authoring and monitoring systems and MPEG-H encoders, as well as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

In 2018, the reliability and market readiness of MPEG-H were demonstrated when the system was used at the Eurovision Song Contest, the soccer World Cup and the European Championships in Berlin and Glasgow.

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