The “last mile” for IoT communications

MIOTY® is based on ETSI transmission standard

In developing the MIOTY® wireless transmission technology, we have created one of the first standardized communication solutions in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). By means of our patented telegram splitting technique, sensor data is transmitted in an energy-efficient, robust and reliable way even over long distances of several kilometers.

With the present standard by the European Telecommunica- tions Standards Institute (ETSI), an association of independent research and development companies and industrial members, an important foundation was laid for the use of so-called low- power wide-area networks (LPWANs). The new ETSI standard guarantees users a generally recognized basis when develo- ping new services and solutions, so that different systems and services can interact harmoniously with each other. Until now, there has been no reliable communication method suitable for implementing IoT solutions in the transmission and processing of many thousands of data packets at the same time. In addition, energy efficiency, service life and expandability are decisively important in such communication solutions. Now, the MIOTY® technology completes the “last mile” for the continuous end-to-end digitalization of applications with high requirements and difficult environmental conditions. Initial pilot installations are currently active in the oil & gas industry, in mining and for intensive remote maintenance applications.